Bus Vehicle Service Contract

IC Bus, one of the nation’s largest bus manufacturers, has recently developed a new engine which is much more environmentally friendly as it decreases total emissions. The engine is offered in either a propane or compressed gas configuration. IC offers a Manufacturer’s Warranty of 5 years and unlimited miles. We were asked to develop an extended warranty for these engines, which we have done. The coverage outline is listed below

Term • 3-5 Years (add on term to OEM warranty)
• Has no mileage limit
Eligibility • Buses that have been purchased wtihin one year
Deductible • $250 Disappearing deductible
• $100 and $0 disappearing deductibles are available with surcharge
Coverages • Gasoline Engine
• 8.8L Propane Engine
Cancellation/Transfer • Non-transferable
• Full refund within first 30 days with a $75 cancellation fee
• Pro rata refund with a $75 fee after 30 days

Bus Service Contracts for School Districts

UPP now offers Extended Warranty plans for School Bus Fleets. The benefit for the School Districts is to avoid costly mechanical repairs by offering this additional coverage. In addition, these warranties allow the School Districts to do the repairs at THEIR OWN REPAIR FACILITY SAVING ADDITIONAL TIME AND MONEY.

Affordable Protection Plan • Allows the district to place older buses into service knowing they are covered
All warrantable and covered repairs can be performed in house • No more excessive downtime waiting on a bus or truck dealership to make the repairs
Decrease in transportation damages and issues • Repairs performed at the district means reduced possibility of lot and tow damages
Timeliness of repairs is within the districts control • Diagnostics, Authorizations and Repairs can all be controlled and monitored directly
The district is reimbursed at local service dept average labor rates** There will be a $100.00 deductible removed from the reimbursement • All labor times are based on industry standard SRT’s The $100.00 deductible is per occurance
Immediate payment to the district after repairs are completed • Payment to the district can be made with Credit Card (immediate) or Check
Basically the “School District” is now the “Repair Dealer” • Freedom to monitor and control the repairs and earn additional labor profit for the district